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The high-level group of small Business management software is dedicated to the identification and planning of the general business management direction which refers to an organization’s policies. The direction is a strategy or a set of strategies to determine high-level priorities and preferences of the organization. Policies will be the tools for specifying the strategy and identifying a plan of actions to determine and influence business management decisions, activities and processes. Therefore, business management policies are the key tools for identifying the business strategy for profit-oriented organizations and establishing standards and plans for achieving strategic goals and objectives.

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inji Software functional group identifies the tactical approaches and techniques to the implementation of the business plans linked to the business strategy and according to the policies. The tactical solutions should be presented during the business decision-making process and put in practice according to the time frames outlined in the business management strategy document (however, additional business schedules can be created and assigned to the tactical implementation practice). Therefore, Small Business management software Tactics group refers to activities to follow the business standards identified in the policies and to implement business plans and tasks in order to meet prioritized goals and objectives determined in the organization’s business management strategies.