HR Management Software is one of the most needed aspects in terms of time and effort saving. This Software manages all your HR activities and employee data at a quicker pace involving less human intervention.

HR Software Features

Employee Portal

Exclusive employee portal to manage their records. This portal offers various employee management such as documents, employee records, expense claims, etc.

Employee Management

Manage all your employee records in a single place inluding current and past employee records for any needed access in future.

Interview Management

Complete interview management is taken care of by this system. Schedule interviews and track status of each interview such as shortlisted, rejected, on hold, etc.

Attendance Management

Records attendance of each employee, marks attendance such as present, absent, on leave etc. It does all the actions related to managing of the attendance.

Candidate Database

Manages to build your own candidate database . Unlimited storage of candidate for a lifetime is possible with this software.

Documents Generation

Generate multiple documents in a single click such as offer letter, hike letter, performance record or any custom document.

Performance Management

Rate employee performance on daily, weekly and monthly basis. This performance management helps you track and evaluate employee performance.

Expense Claims

Offers various options for your employees to claim their expenses related to work such as travel, stationery, etc. Manager can easily approve or reject the expense claim.

HR Reports

Simple and powerful reports on employees, performance management, expense claims etc in order to get insights in your HR department.

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