CRM Software is one of the most useful features for any business across the world. inji Software has very simple yet robust CRM features which helps businesses convert their leads into bookings and increase their conversions drastically.

Sales CRM System Features

Customize Lead Form

Customize your lead form as per requirement. There is no limitation about number of fields, type of input.  This is best suited for any industry.

Sales Automation

Automated sales platform which helps sales agent follow up on timely manner. Helps customer increase conversions at a rapid pace.

Lead Management

Manage all leads in a single and simple dashboard. Maintain all customer requirements, fix appointments, add call records, send quotations etc in an organized manner.

Lead directly from Website

Customize the lead widget form in a couple of clicks. You can use the form in any of your website or Google Ads or Facebook Ads landing page.

Workflow Management

Customize your work flow system which simplifies the sales automation. Manages to process the leads in a systematic manner.

Lead from Ad landing Page

Create a lead widget and place it on any website or any ad landing page to create leads automatically. No need to create leads manually.

Follow-up Reminder

CRM software helps sales agent follow up the customer on time. You will be notified on your screen about the next customer follow up or meeting.

Graphical Reports

Generate 10+ different types of graphical report which help customers get an insight of their business and the progress on the leads.

Performance Monitoring

Track each employee’s leads stage by stage, lead conversions, leads attained, etc to analyse their performance based on each aspect.


Amazing notification system reminding the employee about the lead follow up, call reminder and appointment reminder. No lead will be missed out with the CRM software making sure of it by automated notifications.

Lead History

All the leads once recorded will be stored even after the follow up, call, appointment etc in order to have an access to them at any time.

Lead Widget

Customize the lead widget form according to your website theme color, customize the fields of enquiry form. You will be automatically created in your account once a visitor submits an enquiry.

Lead Email templates

Customize using ready made templates which will be automatically sent to you at the time of lead creation, lead closure, etc.

Bulk Lead Assign

Assign leads from one employee of yours to another employee in a single click even though if there are 1000’s of leads.

Lead import

Import your leads from excel sheet to CRM software in a couple of clicks. You don’t need to create any lead manually and rely on the software completely.

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What are the best features of the best sales CRM software?

The best features of Sales CRM System are:

  • Lead Generation and Management
  • Salesforce Automation
  • Customized Lead Forms
  • Workflow/ Task Management
  • Performance Monitoring

Does sales CRM software help with lead generation?

The sales CRM system captures leads from your website, your landing pages, and your social media platforms. It also captures leads from your digital ads. The software lets you create customized lead forms so that it becomes easier for you to get the data and information from the customer that you require. Apart from lead generation, the sales CRM system helps you with notification and reminders for the upcoming follow-ups and meetings. 

How will sales CRM Software help me with my business?

Sales CRM Software helps businesses with the following:

  • Lead generation, follow up and management
  • Workflow Management
  • Salesforce Automation
  • Optimized Sales Cycle
  • Increased sales revenue
  • Employee performance monitoring

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