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CRM Software
Invoice System
Product / Service Delivery Management
Clients Profile
Vendor Management
E-Mail Marketing
Customer / Vendor Payments
Customer Review Management
HR System
Appointment Fixing
Expense Management
Profit Management
Sales Automation
Notification System

Why inji Software is Unique ?

We have designed this CRM software system to suit all small and medium-sized businesses to take their business to the next level at the lowest price.

100% Cloud based

No installation required. Just signup and take your business online within a minute. Manage your business from anywhere in the world Try Free Demo

Lead CRM System

Manage all your leads, Follow-up effectively to increase conversions drastically. Create leads directly from your website, Ad landing page, Facebook landing page Try Free Demo


Create stunning invoices in a couple of minutes. We have over 70+ invoice templates to customize according to your business theme. Try Free Demo

Order / Delivery Management

Track each and every product & service delivery to make sure that you never miss your product delivery to your customer. Automated alerts available. Try Free Demo

Client Management

Manage 3 types of customers in a single place whether they are your direct customer (B2C) or Sales Partner (B2B) or Corporate clients. Try Free Demo

Payments System

Manage all your customer payments and supplier payments in a single place. Our alert system helps you to track each payment and never allow you to miss any due date. Try Free Demo

Task Management

Simple and powerful task management system which helps you to create tasks automatically and manually within your team. Try Free Demo

Feedback Management

Automate your customer feedback on the go whether it is a lead or sale. Automate each and every feedback system without calling / emailing. Try Free Demo

HR Management

Manage all your HR related work in a single place, Such as leave management, payroll system, Employee salary revision, offer letter management, Employee records & much more. Try Free Demo

Account System

Simple account system to track all your expenses, Customer payments, Supplier Payments & powerful report generation on accounting system. Try Free Demo

Appointment Fixing

Fix appointment with your customers to convert more and. more. Our simple appointment system helps you to convert more sales. Try Free Demo

100% Automation

Automate Leads, customer follow-up reminder, payment reminder , Tasks & much more. Cut down all your manual work upto 70% Try Free Demo

The All in One Business Software is Built with 9 “NO“s

Take your business to the next level with these!!

  • No Installation required
  • No Setup Required
  • No Risk
  • No Manual Work
  • No BIG Investment
  • No Long term commitment
  • No Waiting time.
  • NoO additional Software
  • No Server /Hardware Investment

CRM Lead Management

Create a CRM lead management system by tracking the customer who has gone through the website or any landing page. A lead inquiry form can be rolled out as per your needs and start creating the leads right away from your website. Customize widget in a couple of minutes.

  • Customer name
  • Client email id
  • Customer contact number
  • Client address
  • Purchase type
  • Purchase date
  • Booking details
  • Order/Delivery details
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Quotation Management

With Inji Software, you can create your own quotations more suitable to your logo and your color theme. Also create attractive professional multi currency quotations and send them to your customers. Here in this software you not only generate and track quotations but also convert approved quotations into invoices. At the same time, it also records expenses that will be incurred in order to serve the client.

Make quotations in the currency of your client’s country, making it easy for them to understand and accept your quotations. The best part is that you can create quotations in 180 currencies.

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Invoice Management

Make professional online downloadable invoices with your brand name instead of conventional handwritten invoices and make your business standout from the rest. With inji software send express invoices directly to your customer. Select among 100+ templates to add personal touch with easy invoice customization like product details, tax, hourly rate, etc. Track your invoices easily and send reminders to your customers for invoice payments.

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Delivery System

The Delivery System in the inji Software solves all your operational hassles and meets the desired result intended. It has the advanced technological features in its CRM system which helps your business prosper in terms of smooth order delivery. It alerts your business at the time of the delivery and keeps you updated on its status. Be assured of all scheduled deliveries with the help of this automated system reminding you well in advance about the delivery of products. You can

  • Get graphical CRM reports of all deliveries.
  • Get real time tracking of the delivery status.
  • Get overdue delivery status to take reform actions.
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Accounting System

Along with providing good customer interaction your business this CRM software manages your profits and expenses in order to maintain good health of your business. inji Software has an Online Accounting System which helps to process all payments like customer, vendor etc. With this software, you can

  • Track all expenses and payments from clients.
  • Send payment reminders to customers.
  • Receive payments online.
  • Get your receivable vs payable reports
  • Manage profits.
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Review System

The Review System helps in sending out automated feedback form to the customers on delivery of product/service. It automatically collects the reviews from social media websites like facebook, instagram or even the google reviews. All the reviews which have been collected about your business products/services are displayed in a single dashboard making it further more easy for the business to analyse and work on them. You can

  • Customize review questions.
  • Review flow management.
  • Analyze reputation management
  • Automate review collection.
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Task Management

Online CRM systems allow users to easily create tasks and keep tracking them easily. You can assign tasks to your team according to your plans, update them into your CRM software and keep track of whether everything is going as your plans or not. Create your to-do list for daily tasks, easily assign tasks, set milestones, receive reminders for due tasks, and report for task status. It basically helps in execution of the tasks as per team requirement. So with this task management, you can

  • Create an assign tasks to employees.
  • Track the progress of the tasks.
  • Send Reminders and Notifications of due task.
  • Generate reports of the task performance.
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HR System

By using this HR system you can save yourself from the hassle of managing your HR department and employee data. The entire process of hiring, recruiting, applicant tracking is automatically dealt by the system saving you a great deal of time. CRM program’s efficient HR management system handles all your HR-related tasks like salary rollout & management, employee data & history, employee attendance and leave management, etc. effectively.

The HR system allows interoperability, integration of other applications, mobility and security of data for exchange of information, functioning together, easy navigation etc.

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Do I need to install CRM Software & CRM Tool on my PC?

No. This is a cloud-based software solution. All you need to do is sign up for the CRM Software, and log into your system. You are all set.

Can I access this Business Software from outside of my office?

Yes. You can access it from any system and anywhere in the world.

How much does this CRM for Small Business cost?

The software costs $49 for 3 users.

Is there any long term commitment for this Accounting Software?

No. We have a Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, Yearly billing plan. You can choose whichever suits as per your requirement.

Can I discontinue if I do not like the business software?

Yes. You can discontinue anytime if you feel this software system is not useful at all. No questions asked.

How safe is your server?

We host our application/ software in Amazon Web Services which is the world No.1 Hosting provider. We use 128 bit HTTPS encrypted protocol for all our website pages. Our software files are daily scanned for security reasons by various security packages.

Can I see the demo before buying the CRM for small business?

Who is using inji Software?

Over 10,000+ companies around the world from 20+ industries using inji Software.

Want to take your business to the NEXT BIG Level ?

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Why does Free Business Software always fail to deliver the best quality ?

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort”  said John Ruskin, and there it goes, nobody sells a quality product for free.  There is always a price that you need t pay to get qualified product or service. In the same way a free CRM Software will never provide you with the best service.

Drawbacks of a free CRM Small Business Software are:

Missing Features: This is one of the obvious compromises that you must make. You would end up not finding at least the one main feature you definitely need for your business. you might say it is just one, but then the quality has already been reduced here. You need that feature to have a tight bonding with your customers and you do not have it!!

Security of the data: Yes. It is a free tool. The provider does not really care about the security of your data. There is no one to blame for data theft or corruption that might happen during business operations. You will just have to lose it. Losing the data apparently deteriorates the quality of the service you provide to your customer. This might be a bigger threat to your business as well because this can result in losing loyal customers.

Ease of usage: Most of the free CRM solutions available online have a complex design. The design being complex it makes it difficult for the employees to understand the software easily. It would not be very handy for the employees.

Limited usage: Most of the software that is free is a trial version. You would always find a much-advanced version with many added features for a paid version of the software. This a sign that the free version delivers a much lesser quality.

The outdated module features: It is reported by many reviewers who used the free CRM systems that the templates that these platforms provide are out of style. They are less attractive and as it is available free online that does not give any unique appeal to their customers.

Other issues with free software for small business

Period of access: the free versions of many software available online are for a limited period. You will have to purchase an advanced version after the completion of the trial period. Hence, it can be understood that a good crm application is available for free only for a short duration.

Many users: As it is a free open source software, there might be many users using it simultaneously and nobody managing the software. This might cause lag in the processes.

Less flexible: A free CRM Software like HubSpot would not allow users to include multiple contact details like two mail ids to a single contact or merge two companies in the crm system database. This is just one such example, there would be many such flexibility issues with the free crm systems. These glitches are a part of the quality drawbacks of free CRM solutions.

CRM Integration: This is one of the most important drawbacks of a free CRM program. It would be difficult to integrate this software into your business as there will be no room for customization. A general CRM must always be customized up to a certain level to make it work for your business. Unfortunately, free CRM will never allow you to do that.

Set up: A free CRM always needs not be compatible with the devices that you have implemented in your firm. There would be absolutely no way to run the software without incurring any setup costs. There you go, it’s not completely free!! Is that the only cost? Just go back to the previous points in the section. The list gives you all the reasons to say a big NO! for free CRM software.

In a nutshell, this is what the reviewers of these free CRM solutions have to say. The employees need technical expertise to work with most of the free CRM platforms, less flexibility, limited features, lack of room for customization, security threat, and integration as the major reasons why Free CRM Software always fails to deliver the best quality.

Why does a small business need Small Business Software ?

Are you trying to push away the idea of investing in a CRM or customer relationship management software? Are you just tired of hearing the suggestions to invest in CRM software and nobody says why you actually need it?

Do not hurry your decision for either of the questions above. Do not let your competitor scare you. Now that you are here, you are about to clear the chaos in your mind as to whether or not to invest in customer management software.

Let us see what makes the software for Small Business a star.

Data Storage

The software will store all the information regarding all your clients. Each and every detail about your client or the leads will be recorded into the CRM database. And that happens automatically whenever a lead is generated as the software is linked to the platform, where you are advertising yourself. These are the sources of lead generation. You will never face the problem of misplacing your client information.

Data organization

Sometimes the tough task starts after collecting the data. You have this huge information with you. but you re not sure of where to find a particular detail of one of your clients. Woo!! That’s sad. But, a CRM implementation makes this task very easy. The data is organized in a systematic way. Any information that you need can be accessed in seconds. With CRM features you can carry your business worry-free.

Report generation

You are always interested in knowing which sources are generating a reasonable number of leads and which are not. For this, if you are manually using excel and doing the analysis and generating the reports manually, it would be time-consuming and also may not be accurate. CRM software saves you all the time and resources and generates these reports automatically and regularly. Amazing!! The best buddy to have for your business. Aren’t you impressed? Am sure you are.

How does Software for Small Business help you?

Plan Ahead

You need to plan your business ahead of time when you want to grow. With CRM solutions you can plan your business processes for the time ahead across the teams. The insightful reports developed by your CRM Software will come very much handy for doing the planning.

Customer satisfaction

The ultimate goal of any business is to provide quality service to their beloved customers. You are constantly in contact with your customers through CRM Systems. These communications help you to build what your customer is looking for. You can always offer the right product to the right customer at the right time.

CRM for Sales:

With increasing sales and growth in business, the pressure on the sales team will also increase. You might need to increase the number of employees in your team to cater to the growing business. The expenses that you are going to incur in recruiting can be reduced by implementing a sales CRM software. A best and more economical way of tackling your business requirements is investing in a top CRM solution.

Employee co-ordination:

All the processes are recorded in CRM software. Every employee of the firm will be having access to the CRM system. This enables a free flow of information across the teams. Therefore, every employee will be aware of the status of the processes of the firm. Thus, a CRM software implementation will increase the co-ordination amongst employees.

There you go, now that you know what a good CRM solution implementation can do to your business, we hope that you are in a position to make your choice.

How do you choose the Best CRM  Software & CRM Tool ?

We always look for a product that is simple, easy to use, affordable, does the intended work quickly, and is easy to repair.

So, now let’s imply these aspects to find you the best software for small business.

The Best Software for Small Business should have:

1. Simple design:

The design of the CRM system must be easy to understand and use. If it is simple, the working of the software is understood easily. This helps in detecting the errors quickly that occur during the usage of the software and taking quick action to rectify it.

2. Ease of Usage

Here, you must consider two main things, first the ease of CRM integration into your business. This is important as you do not want to buy new equipment and devices to install and use the software, which might be expensive and not affordable by small businesses.  Second, the ease of how the software is being used. When we consider small businesses, the workforce mostly consists of the employees with a fair understanding of tech. Therefore, it is important to choose software that is simple in its design and allows its users to perform the tasks without difficulty.

3. Affordable Pricing

The third aspect of the list is the price. The price that you are paying for the CRM software should not be your first priority in choosing the software. That is because a good product comes with a price. Investing in good CRM software will fetch you good results in the long term. Also, choosing a software with a fixed price is the best. It would become more expensive if the cost of software grows with the increased leads.

4. Quick functioning

The software should provide the services and help to carry on the tasks as quickly as possible. This happens only when the data is organized and is easily accessible. There should not be any lag in the processes carried out by the CRM tool. A simple design flow can help in quick processing of the data.

Other features of Best Software for Small Business

5. Good customer Support

If there is a problem faced by the users, it should be easily rectifiable. If the problem gets complicated, then the software provider must be approachable for speedy customer service.

6. Reduce Manual Work

CRM software is intended to reduce the amount of manual work required to be carried out. CRM software should perform most of the tasks with the help of automation.

7. Good CRM Modules

A good CRM application will provide you with the required modules that suit your business. Yes, to see great progress using CRM software you have to adopt that is customized for your business. For example, a travel agency and a saloon might have some features in common but their businesses are entirely unrelated. Therefore, a CRM software designed for a saloon might not be very much useful for a travel agency. Look for the CRM software which is designed for your business.

8. Data Safety

Data is the new oil. The main and very useful function of any crm software is that it stores critical information about your clients and leads. Data theft can be one of the major concerns. Choose the software from a provider who assures you with the strongest safety tools used.

These are some of the tips for you to select the best suitable CRM software for your small business.