The best Accounting System does various accounting, bookkeeping tasks, store business financial data and perform business transactions. Also manage profits of your business and collect your payments in a timely manner from your clients with the help of Online Accounting Software!!

Online Accounting Software Features

Profit Management

Manage and track profit for each product or service in a detailed manner. This helps you analyse your high vs low profit region in your business.

Send Cash Receipt to Customer

Amaze all your customers with the automatic cash receipts. Our 10+ cash receipt formats allow you to choose from a template center you wish.

Customer Payments

Manage all your customer payments in a single place whether its a one time payment or recurring payment. Automatic alerts to your customers for payment overdue.

Customer Payment Report

Generate excel and graphical report on payment history for a particular period or for any particular product/service or for any particular need of yours.

Vendor Payments

You don’t need to worry if you are tired of handling vendor payments. There is a simple yet powerful vendor payment system to manage all your vendor payments.

Vendor Payments Report

Generate excel and graphical report on vendor payments for a particular period or for a particular vendor or any particular need of yours.

Receivable Vs Payable Report

As a business owner or financial manager it is vital to know your receivable and payable. These reports make your job rather east in just a couple of clicks.

Expenses Management

Get insights of each and every expense you incur for your company operations. inji software helps you manage your expense system just like your CTO.

Customer vs Vendor Payments

inji Software offers simple and powerful payment system which helps you track and manage your customer and vendor payments in a single place.

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What is a Quoting Software?

Quoting Software or a quotation management program that helps you generate and manage the quotation system for your organization. It helps you design, generate, send, modifies, and track the quotes that you send to your clients. It provides you with professional quotation templates that can be used for generating quotes. These templates can be customized as per the needs of your business. You can add your logo, contact details, and terms and conditions. 

Does every CRM have a Quoting Software?

No. Very few CRM Software have quoting programs integrated into them. Having a quoting program in your CRM Tool helps in organizing your business activities efficiently, and also helps you save time and optimize the sales cycle, thus helping hu increase sales revenue. 

What are the benefits of Quoting Software?

The benefits of a Quoting Program:

  • Streamline quoting software with all your business processes.
  • Customization of professional quotations
  • Send quotations directly to the clients
  • Make revisions to the quotations as per the need of the client
  • Automate your system for a quick sales cycle. 

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