Being the best   CRM Tools, inji software provides you a plethora of features to maximize customer satisfaction. It helps you manage customer relationships and interactions in an effortless manner while providing the easiest software experience to you. Streamline all your business processes for seamless business operations and increasing sales revenue with the best CRM software.

Implement automation and reach new heights of your business with the cloud CRM Software.

Features of CRM Tool

Cloud CRM Tool

Use cloud CRM Tools for easy accessibility of CRM database, anytime, anywhere. Data is stored on our cloud, with unlimited storage. 100% safe and secure on AWS. No IT and maintenance required. 

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Online Accounting  CRM Tool

Best CRM Software offers best online accounting services. Ledgers are managed with 0 errors, reminders for late payments, track profits and send cash receipts to customers.

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CRM Tool in Marketing

Automate digital marketing, send bulk email upon launch of new product/ service, send email notification upon delivery of the product, and more with CRM email integration.

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Sales in CRM Tool

Improve sales revenue with customized lead forms, automation, easy lead generation, lead management and follow up, performance reports, and sales reports.

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Customer Management System in  CRM Tool

Manage customer contact information, interaction, order history, quotation history, and provide your customers with the best experience.

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Quotations through CRM Tool

Create customized quotations, add your logo, add the T&C, make changes to the quotations, send quotations directly from CRM to the customer. 

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Reports in CRM Tool

Get auto-generated reports for lead generation and conversion, quotations and invoices, payable vs receivables, expense vs profit, employee performance, and customer review reports.

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Reminders in  CRM Tool

Get reminders for meetings and appointments, payments to be made and received, quotations and invoices to be sent, etc through CRM application.

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Simple  CRM Tool

Easy to implement, easy to understand, and easy to be adapted to by the employees, this is a robust CRM platform suitable for all types of industries. 

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which is the best free CRM tool ?

There are many types of CRM tools but the best are those  free CRM TOOLS  which help to get work done faster and perfect which makes work done in limited time.also it  should help in maintaining the proper customer data and secure it which make crucial process possible  Without crm tools there are to many shifting pieces to remember without something or someone falling through cracks also helps in maintaining record increase and improve customer relationship increase customer relationship increase in customer equity competitive advantage building and improving corporate image helps in higher return on investment since all the customer data is with crm it helps sales people 


 How do free CRM tools work?

   free CRM tool  is a platform of the software companies were they use to manage interactions with customers ,store information regarding companies as well as they can store information about them and can also automate number of process connected with customers companies data like sales marketing and many more  it also helps in maintaining good relationships with customers  and make them more trust  and comfortable which helps in maintaining  successful business 



what are CRM tools ?

Free CRM tools improve to check and correct  the process and improve your sales teams and their performance with wide set of features it also helps in managing sales management and project and task management also in  storing the data and maintaining the data and analysis it and also in collaboration,reporting and billing which helps in get done work faster so the growth take place it also make the get things done faster for the customer so that there work are done more faster it also helps in customer retention


What is a free CRM tool used for ?

   A  free CRM tool are use by every business helps you in store customer and maintain the contact information, record service related issue, sales opportunities, and manage marketing campaigns also helps in one central location and make information about customer interaction which is available to anyone at your company who might need it also it is useful for colleagues and many more sector to store the important and delicate data every small and big business use CRM tools so there they develop fast


Why free CRM tools are needed ?

  As we know  free CRM tools helps in running a successful business and to maintain relationship it helps in maintaining good record  to make the business grow faster and then make good security to the data and analysis it for the customer it is also make more customer trust for the by the maintaining the good data  also helps business to generate revenue using good technology will surely helps in improve CRM and make good business so free  CRM tools are important and needed

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 Benefits of implementing free CRM tools

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the main important things and Free CRM tools improve customer satisfaction. It helps in dealing with the servicing, marketing .also it helps in maintaining the record of sealing of product or service to the customer which will be properly recorded and organized and also helps in to have more targeted and work and cost effective marketing and sales program  which helps in better in satisfying customer .It make work done faster and in less time company can achieve more so customer get satisfied and therefore CRM tools helps in improving customer satisfaction


  • Improve Customer Retention

TO  improve customer retention free CRM tools helps very much in growth and developing the organization which increase revenu of organization so the customer are automatically Retend according to experts the 5% of decrease in customer  it can decrease 25-85% of profits as far as CRM  can helps in maintaining data we can identify and can work on it also the crm helps in building more relation so the we are in touch with customer also it get bit personal  so retention of customer can be done by CRM tools  


What  are the types of  free CRM tools ? 

There are two types of CRM tools which are also known as types of CRM software which are as follows

  •  Free CRM tools based on installation 

Companies which handle important customer data information such as sales data,financial and healthcare institution prefer on CRM tools  these system incur future investment plans as well as the software development and infrastructure cost organization can also  take service from any other third person but they incur additional cost so CRM can also use the web base or cloud base which is very pocket friendly and service provider offer maintenance and data security  at monthly recurring cost 


  •  Free CRM tools based on functionality


These   helps businesses to run their routine of marketing,sales and customer service etc this is known as the operational crm these system helps business to keep a track of customer journey through activities as contact management lead generation and marketing automation  there is also analytical crm which helps in analysis the  customer data, it also offer data management, retention and acquisition of data etc  collaborative crm is also use which restrict to share data of  customer with internal and external stakeholder  to enhance customer trust and built good experience  


 Beast  features of CRM tools 


The features of free CRM tools either make or break inclusion of crm category whether is good or average it is a strategy which is standard across all crm software some core features of crm tools are as follows


  • Contact management

The contact management is one of the important feature of the crm tools the contact management helps in trust building making more personal with customer and company it also helps in growth and development it makes work more easy CRM tools helps in maintaining good record of  customers contacts as well like security to social media handle also maintain good record of customers mail names address etc

Contact management is best feature 

  • Forecasting & document maintaining

The  free CRM tools helps in maintaining the document of the customer and provide them a security there are many things which the crm tools make customer more satisfy them Crm also helps in forecasting the future expectation of the company what will the future problem and difficulty so the business can changes there decision so Free crm tools helps in forecasting also some to maintain good record and analysis sales marketing and many more  It functionally use your data  to work for your it helps in maintaining document and forecasting


 Needs of  free CRM tools 


  •  Better service to customer  


 Free CRM tools  provides good the more customer attention which makes them more comfortable and special it helps in communicate through many contant point  customer get more  increase in satisfaction and feeling being special and important because it increase more personalization of service or goods provided to them better customer service helps in growth and development of our company better customer service makes better company growth so the better customer service is very important 

  • Data warehousing and data mining

 Free CRM tools helps in analysing and developing the data warehouse and data mining to develop and maintain long lasting and serure the customers data to maintain good relationship with important and valuable customer a data warehouse means the company wide database which is stored electronically once the data warehouse locate the data the data mining starts the analysis and mining techniques to examine  the betterment and to find interesting facts about the customer


Important strategy of  free CRM tools

Having CRM strategy is means the smooth organizational work is going on some strategy are as follows 


  • Know your goals 

 Free CRM tools helps in maintaining the proper documents as well as they also helps in maintaining and analysing the record which is very important the goals are set but to understand and work faster on it very important by which we can reach to achieve the goals When there is CRM it makes more easy it makes the store check and track and also in making the future plans so it’s very important strategy once goals are set the crm will help in each and every place and will make more easy so it’s important 


  •  free CRM tools and software are use by 

The CRM tools are use by each and every business in the market for their betterment and also it is used by marketers for collecting the data from various customer and store Salespeople to maintain the record of the customer with the more this and the every prospect with the 1-1 contact the data is collected and also use by customer service provider for providing the best service which will build the trust so the  free CRM tools are used by many  business. 

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Crm software

Why is CRM software important for business? It plays an important role in the processing as it bridges the gap with the potential customers needs and the product or abet that concern offers

Salespeople have to unity taking into consideration already warmed occurring prospect customers as they have a broad marginal to choose. Salesperson and to introduce extra suggestion or play-act to close deals which can be certainly highbrow for them. taking into consideration a good CRM software, your salespeople stay upon the similar page, no concern how press on they are and can even streamline the comprehensive sales endeavors in one single place for improved visibility and practice.

A INJI Software CRM software provides you taking into consideration every the CRM tools to track the source of the lead and even get you an overview of the source of the lead. This suggestion helps you to organize the marketing campaigns or send leads relevant to their interest.

CRM Customer association processing {} Software is an tool or strategy that helps you to be next to your interchange departments, from marketing to sales to customer service, and organize the their notes, activities, and metrics into one cohesive system. It along with stores and provides easy admission to customers data but along with manages the full encroachment of customer interaction

CRM software is a certainly useful tool for concern to direct smoothly. It tracks and manages every the communication your concern has taking into consideration the prospect and customer. It flags the opportunity consequently you can nurture or follow occurring for conversion.

  • Here are the few of the advantage of implementing CRM software:
  • Maintain centralized data.
  • Maintain every communication and {} dealings taking into consideration prospects and customers.
  • Reminds you of follow occurring taking into consideration prospects.
  • Easy to organize read data.
  • Helps in customer segmentation
  • Creates Reports for improved analysis

One of the key abet of a CRM answer {} is the achievement to make detailed reports. CRM tools have the funds for every the data upon your finger tips, which helps you to direct your concern more efficiently and even helps in making decisions.

Lets learn some of the abet of detail reporting taking into consideration Inji software

Track Employees Activities: Online CRM system allows you to monitor and track the endeavors of your employees daily, monthly or once a year and are reported to have a improved view of each employees energetic load.

Manage your leads: CRM software taking into consideration detailed reporting faculty not isolated captures the leads but it along with visually shows the details such as where your leads are within the sales cycle and which prospects are pending. consequently that you accomplish not miss any opportunity.

Monitor trends: taking into consideration a CRM report you can analyze the trend as it {} provides you taking into consideration true suggestion of where your leads are coming from taking into consideration websites, email campaigns or offline marketing consequently that you can bend your strategies according

Every concern in this world is driven by its customers. consequently implementing a CRM system has become necessary to direct your customer more efficiently. Customers are the first priority of concern as they are the main and attend to showing off to promote your brand for concern growth. Besides, customers are along with answerable for bringing revenue to your company, and their feedback helps to produce your business.

So the implementation of best CRM software enables you to comprehend your customer in a improved showing off and even helps to tailor your concern operation or product to satisfy their needs

CRM software is intended to support exceptional customer service. taking into consideration a customer connections your company to resolve some issues. Cloud CRM chronicles every the previous interactions taking into consideration customers and supplies your employee taking into consideration ample suggestion to efficiently house the customer concern and have the funds for quick service.

Hundreds of little daily tasks must be completed to play-act your concern properly, such as forms to be filled, reports to be sent, authentic issues to be addressed, and many more. These tasks are important to play-act day to day endeavors but certainly time-consuming. taking into consideration the best CRM automation features, you can automate most of this daily task and can say yes some of this pain off from employees. consequently employees have more grow old to focus upon their organizational goals.

inji software fulfills every the substantial reasons for using a sales automation taking into consideration CRM system in your concern and helps you to stay at the top of the league.